Jan 15

Know If Utah Collect Estate Tax?

While the rest of the state collects estate tax, Utah does not collect at the state level. But prior to Jan 1, 2005, Utah collects a separate estate tax at the state level. It was coined as a “pick up tax” or a “sponge tax”.  This particular tax is a state tax that is collected based on the tax credit on the state estate tax.

The estate tax prior 2005

Each state before January 2005, had different tax laws on the pick-up tax, therefore, the amount that is also collected  varies because it was based on the state’s estate tax laws. In short, the total tax collected goes to the IRS and the state taxing authority and not purely to the state where they estate tax was collected.

Understanding the reforms in the estate tax here in Utah can be confusing even to the residents. However, to there is no need to fret because there are Utah tax attorney that can of assistance when it comes to real estate tax. Defining what the law is and how you can fully understand it is the expertise of a tax lawyer in Utah. It is, therefore, just to hire someone who is from Utah or has a law firm in Utah to have a seamless process.

The Advantage When An Expert Is Picked

The tax cases in Utah are best resolved by a legal representative who is well versed of the law. Although some of the tax cases vary, from a simple or a complicated court battle, but a Utah based lawyer or a local attorney provides assistance without regard to the severity of the case.

When tax issues occurs, it is a tax attorney who can resolve the issue.  This kind of specialty in the judicial branch is more focused on tax and issues about income, property and federal tax. In additional these lawyers are more adept to the rules of the IRS and the recent changes in the tax. Also, the tax lawyer assists their clients to develop plans to resolve the pressing financial problems that their clients are currently facing.

The benefits of hiring a tax attorney

Hiring a tax attorney unburden you with the workload concerning the tax issues. Yes, this can be tedious battle in the court but your lawyers can help communicate and negotiate with the federal or local government. In additional, the legal representative has to do all the research, evaluation and assessment of the complicated tax issues on hand. As the US government continues to tighten up its belt and to go after individuals who violate the laws concerning tax, these lawyers continue to work in behalf of their clients to rectify the mistakes and to come up with  a win-win resolution of the case.

To conclude, when you have some tax issues here in Utah, it is best to have a Utah tax attorney to help you with the case. Although the door is open to hiring a lawyer from a neighboring state but a lawyer who hails from Utah or a practicing lawyer in Utah have the advantage because they already know the rules of the state.

Oct 14

After A Divorce, Who Gets The Tax Benefits Of Children?

Complicated legal matters are an unfortunate part of a divorce.  This is a tough time especially since everything needs to be covered from custody, visitation and joint property.  However, one of the areas which aren’t covered often is the tax benefits of the children.  Now, a lot of people don’t think about which parent gets tax benefits and it isn’t hard to see why.  It’s an emotional time and most people think about making the separation easier so who gets the tax benefits of children after a divorce?

Children Need To Live With Parents for At Least Six Months of the Year

One of the biggest rules for being able to claim tax benefits for the children has to be the period in which the children reside with a parent.  The child has to live with the parent equivalent to six months or longer in the entire year.  This is a vital and one of the most important factors of tax benefits because if the child or children don’t live with one parent for more than six months then they will not be entitled to anything.  A Tax attorney Utah will help to explain this point further.

Joint Custody

If both parents have joint custody and live with each parent fifty percent of the time, one or both may be eligible for the tax benefit.  This can vary from state to state of course but it’s important to consult a Utah tax attorney.  They will be able to explain things further and it may be that just one is able to get this tax break.

Children Living At Home and Studying

If a child is still living at home and is under the age of nineteen, the custodial parent can still claim tax benefits.  Your tax attorney will be able to shine more light on this of course; however, in most cases, the child can be eligible for tax benefits as long as they are nineteen or younger.  However, if a child is studying and is under twenty four, they may also be eligible for a tax exemption.

Non-Custodial Parents Can Be Granted Tax Exemptions

There is also the chance for non custodial parents to be given the tax exemption.  One reason is due to the fact that the custodial permits the non-custodial to receive the tax exemption.  This does happen and it is possible but the right forms need to be signed in order for the tax exemption to be handed over.  The form which is required to be signed has to be signed by both parties and handed over to the IRS.  A good tax attorney will walk both parties through procedure.

Deciding Who Gets the Child Tax Benefits Can Be Simple

In most cases, the custodial parent will be the one who gets the tax benefits and will be straightforward.  However, in other cases, it may be a little more complicated.  If one parent wants, they can assign the tax benefit over to the other parent; and this can all be sorted out during the divorce as well.  However, a good tax attorney will help explain what you need to know about tax benefits.Bottom of Form


Jun 14

Do You Qualify for Offer in Compromise?

Individuals with outstanding debts pertaining to the IRS may be able to lower the amount owed with the option of an offer in compromise. It makes sense to acquire more debt with the more money you make. We purchase more items, buy personal property and start businesses the older we get. To do this, we often have to get other businesses and banks to give out loans or make lower payments on purchases we already committed to.

Qualifications to get approved

It can be scary to find yourself in situations where the phone is constantly ringing with bill collectors. The need to expand and make more of our lives is normal and encouraged. However, it always seems we have to go into debt to do this. An offer in compromise may be able to reduce the debt you have once the IRS comes after their portion of your earnings for unpaid taxes. They will ask the following questions of you:

• Can you realistically pay the amount owed?
• How much money do you make?
• What are your other expenses?
• What is your total amount in equity?

The IRS will determine if you can apply for this option by asking you these questions. If you cannot realistically cover a portion of what is owed, it is useless to harass you. But, they can give you options such as a payment plan or lowering the entire amount if you can put cash down on the debt. They ask how much income you have to determine this. It is then weighed against all of the other expenses you pay on a regular basis. It may seem like there is no possible way they can come get their money when you subtract all of these numbers from your paycheck and other earnings. You may be forgetting about the worth of what you own. If you own personal property such as a house, boat, cars or other expensive property; it gets taken into account as well.


A reduction off the total amount may be lessened. You can pay 20% and given more time with a payment plan in place to suit your income. If you cannot put down any other type of payment, you may get a hardship case that will allow for low payments. A tax attorney may seem like even more of an unnecessary expenditure, but they will negotiate for you. They are also excellent for counsel in these matters. They will tell you important details and help you determine if you should even try to get this offer.

tax attorney 2

They know you cannot apply if you are not current on filing your taxes, in the middle of a bankruptcy and the government will take any amount each year you are owed money after filing. The IRS can also take a lien on any owned asset such as a house, business or car. You can find out your exact situation requirements by contacting a tax attorney or by researching the offer in compromise option on the official IRS website if you want to do it on your own or check the link http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/203898 for more tax attorney tips.

Jun 14

How To Choose The Right Tax Attorney in Utah

Finding a Utah tax attorney may sound stressful if you do not know what resources to utilize. Even if you search the state and keyword for the type of lawyer you need, there will be a tremendous amount of cities and regions to search through.

Starting your search

There are several ways to find and contact a tax attorney. With well over 200,000 people in this occupation within the United States, it will seem like an easy task. The choices can seem overwhelming. Here are a few ideas on how to locate the professional you need in your area:

• Local newspaper
• Advertisements in fliers
• Radio announcements
• Coworkers
• Referral services
• Directory such as phonebook (online or hardback)
• Internet search

All of these options will help you narrow down your choices. However, many of these will not give you all the information you need once you figure out who you want to interview. A background check and reference check can be done on the internet once you decide. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) offer straight facts about the business you may want to get involved with. The referral service will usually give you these details because of the extensive research done when they take on the tax attorney as a client.

Coworkers are a good source, but your situation will most likely be different. All cases are going to have a unique factor. Radio, TV, fliers and the newspaper will have ads, but you have to remember they are being paid to say what the client asks them too. Anyone can do that and it doesn’t mean quality. Directories will be able to give you exact locations, but leave out much of the details about their experience and quality.

After your decision is made

Once you have gotten a list of a few names within a reasonable distance of your location, a few questions will have to be covered to ensure they are the right choice. They should have:

• References available
• Specialize in the exact area of your situation
• Documented degree or certifications
• Experience
• Positive reviews
• Time to handle your case
• Affordable


The right Utah tax attorney for you should be able to give you verbal as well as recorded past confirmation to prove they have had successful victories. These cases should include details that pertain to the nature of your tax problem. A degree and the proper certifications should be current when you ask for their credentials.If they have been a successful part of the business community for a long time, there is usually a reason for it.Choose a good tax attorney at http://www.besttaxattorneyin.com/all/UT/Ogden.

Make sure the professional you are questioning does not have too many clients on their workload. If your case is extensive and is not a cookie cutter situation, they will need to be able to get back to you immediately. Ask about all the fees included and if there is a retainer. Consultation fees should be applied to your case or free. The right tax attorney will be able to provide all of these details for you to instill trust.

Jun 14

What to Look For in a Tax Attorney

If it has come to the point where you need to hire a Utah tax attorney, you will want to know how to find the best one available. Maybe you have to figure out the tax on a house, boat, car or your business. All of the paperwork involved will have to be perfect without any errors. The numbers must add up and all rules followed.

Traits of a good tax attorney

Every tax situation may look and sound the same. This isn’t exactly correct. Just because people fall in the same tax bracket, own the same type of business or purchased the same item, doesn’t mean you will have to do what the other person did when filing your taxes. The right tax attorney should have traits to suit your situation as well as know the law. They should have and know the following:

• Experience
• References
• Certifications or a legal degree
• Time to handle your case
• Affordable

When handling a situation with the IRS or anything pertaining to them, you do not want to take chances on a second rate tax attorney. Who you decide on can make the difference between going into debt and continuing a thriving business.

Why these traits are crucial

Someone with experience will know how to get every deduction, tax break and write off for you. Because they have done this so many times, it is usually in your best interest where time is concerned. Anxiety usually comes at the end of each year due to the filing process. Checking the references for the person you hire will ensure they do indeed have the experience needed to handle your case.

A serious tax attorney will have certifications and degrees. The evidence of these documents will show they are dedicated to this line of work and keep up on the ever changing rules for each area of taxation. Make sure when checking references of the potential hire, they deal in the area you need help with. It will not help you to hire someone who specializes in estates or bankruptcy when your business and employee taxes need to be handled.

Good yet overwhelmed

Hiring a Tax Attorney

Several professionals in this line of work tend to conduct business with partners. Do not hesitate to ask them if they are going to be dealing with your case or if their partners are. Ask them if their client quota has been met. Legal situations can be grueling and stressful. It is imperative the people dealing with your case do not have an overwhelming client load. Your phone calls should be able to be answered and situation resolved quickly.

Unfortunately, hiring the best will most likely mean spending more money. Make sure you ask about the total cost which each step of the filing process. This will include paperwork, hourly rates and court if necessary depending on your situation. The perfect Utah tax attorney will be able to have time to answer these questions with confidence and a relaxed presence when interviewing them.Visit this website (http://www.lawfiles.net/top-ten-tax-attorney-characteristics-what-to-look-for-before-hiring/) for more information.

Jun 14

6 Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney

When it comes time to settle your finances with the IRS for your business, it can be very beneficial to seek out a Utah tax attorney. As the laws, tax rates and stipulations change each year for businesses, the paperwork involved can leave you feeling buried in confusion.

Taxes in a haystack

People normally have to go to some type of class, have a certification or take college courses to be able to understand all the paperwork and rules involved with the legal process of filing taxes. After you get done figuring out the rules of your local laws, then you have to do it all over again with the state. They are very different in nature. Here are six benefits that come with having a tax attorney on your side:

• Saves time
• They know the differences between the local and state rules
• Help with estates as well as your business
• Become the main contact and stop phone calls
• Deductions
• Advise you in the event of an audit


If you are continually involved in your business every day, there is a good chance you do not have the time to go over mounds of paperwork after you close up. The time it will take you to fill out the paperwork will cut into your home and work life.I read a useful information about IRS Taxes at http://www.taxresolution.com/attorney-services.asp.

Local vs state

Several businesses branch out even though they are based in one location. Each state and city will have different codes, guidelines and rules to follow. If you are working out of several cities and states at the same time, it can be nearly impossible trying to remember and file accordingly for each set of demands.


Figuring out what the amount you owe on a particular piece of property can be confusing. If you inherited or purchased a home in your local area or within another state for the first time, a Utah tax attorney will know exactly what you need to do to keep up the property legally. This also extends to other purchases such as a car or boat. As we acquire more personal property, they will all have a new set of taxes that must be paid.

Harassing calls

Debt collectors tend to add up the older we get. The IRS can be the scariest of them all. A personal tax attorney can be an excellent source to show them you are trying to do things in a legal manner. They can stop the calls and anxiety you may be receiving daily.


Tax Attorney

There is a ton of deductions a professional will know about to save money when you file each year. The more deductions you have, the less you have to pay back. The IRS may even end up owing you cash if you can find enough things that can be wrote off.


The majority of people that file each year do not keep their receipts for very long afterward. An audit can be really intimidating. Do not let the stress of hunting down months or years of past receipts and proof of income scare you. Let a Utah tax attorney take on the stress so you don’t have to.

Jun 14

Unfiled Tax Returns

It’s better late than never when it comes to unfilled tax returns! The Internal Revenue Service will always accept your back taxes, but there is some paperwork that you need to complete to avoid being charged for tax evasion and fined heavily.

If you are required to file taxes, you may do so this year and up to or beyond six years previous. It’s best to fill out a form as a trial, so any questions that are raised by filing out the form can be answered.
If it’s been several years since you’ve filed your taxes, you need to submit proof of previous payments by attaching your last W-2 and 1099 forms to your tax return. However, there are complications when the establishment you were working with closed down or decided to junk their old records. Legally, you don’t need to keep records for more than seven years in case of an IRS audit.go to http://www.jgtaxgroup.com/irs-nonfiledreturns.php for more updated information.

Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t keep copies of W-2 and 1099 forms. But you can ask them to provide you with a computer printout with your income data for those years. The data may not be complete, but you’ll be able to compute the minimum of what you should report.

Another way is to fill up a Form 4852, known as the “Substitute W-2” which should be put on the front part of your tax return papers before filing. If you are at all unsure of how to go about this, the best advice is to consult a tax professional on what to do in order to avoid any problems.
There are some other papers that you might need: Past Due Years, Schedules and Miscellaneous Forms, 1040 Family of Forms, Forms 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit), 8863 (Education Credits), 2441 (Child and Dependent Care Expenses and Instructions), and Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit).

Unfiled Tax Return

One sticky point is that each year, the IRS revamps its tax forms! You can only use the tax forms for the year you are paying and not arbitrarily change dates on the current tax forms. The tax forms for the previous years are available at your IRS office or online, for up to six years previous.

The good thing is, the IRS always gives you a chance. As long as they haven’t sent you a notice of unpaid taxes, they don’t file criminal charges against taxpayers that come forward with their unfilled tax returns. They will find you, don’t doubt, so it’s better to deal with that problem as soon as possible.

Jun 14


With the online income tax returns available today, you don’t have to spend time waiting in long lines or sweating it out with your accountant in order to file your returns on time. In fact, there are even self-assessment programs available that allow you to check how much tax you owe and verify your accounts online.Follow her blog post at http://www.mycoloradodivorcelawyer.com/filing-taxes-late/ for more details.

There are quite a few advantages to filing an online income tax return. Not only is it more convenient than the traditional methods of filing your income tax, but it is actually more secured as well.

Electronic safeguards and encryptions allow you to send your returns safely, without any worry that someone will intercept your papers and your identity will be stolen as a result. Also, when you’re filling out your forms, the amount you owe is completed automatically, resulting in less mistakes and disputes with the IRS. Filing online is definitely more convenient – you are sure your forms are received immediately plus you can send them in at any time – even in the wee hours of the morning! No more taking time off work just to file your taxes.

Perhaps the greatest boon here is the lack of paperwork. Because there is no hard copy to send, there is also no hard copy to file! Your online income tax return is stored online as well, and can be accessed and printed out at any time to answer any disputes. Talk about keeping your house clean!

While the IRS doesn’t endorse any particular kind of tax software, be aware that there are authorized and accredited IRS e-file providers that you can confirm online.

You can file your online income tax return yourself! Just be sure to have all your pertinent papers together, like your Social Security number (also those for any dependents you may have like your spouse and children) your W-2s if you are employed, any receipts for deductible expenses, your records for your income and expenses, and Form 1099 for other income or for withholding income taxes, and a unique PIN. If you want to pay online as well, have your bank account number ready. This is also a requirement if you are expecting a refund since it can be credited to you more quickly.

Once you have your papers together, you can use a tax professional to compute your taxes for you, a personal computer with tax preparation software, or a free file downloaded off the net.

paying bills online

Professional Tax Preparers are also equipped and authorized to file online. You must, however, bring all your documents to him. But you can request that for an e-file. The IRS provides an online locator search so you can choose between the authorized providers that are located in the most convenient area for you.

If you choose to use purchased tax preparation software or the free download IRS provides, all you need to do is fill in the blanks with the 1000 correct information and you’re done. It’s really a great weight off your shoulders once you start paying state and federal taxes online.

Jun 14

Filing Taxes Late

The IRS will always tell you that it’s never too late to file your taxes. That’s ok if you are just a few days or maybe even a month late, but what if you’re filing taxes late by some years? What do you do?

There are a few ways to protect yourself if you are filing taxes late. You need to put together a few documents to get your taxes back under control:

First, get copies of your W-2s, last tax return, and whatever tax documents you have from the last year that you filed. But what if they were destroyed in a fire or a natural calamity? Or what if you’ve just plainly lost them? Thankfully, the IRS keeps the income data on file, too, and you can ask them to send you the missing data that you might need. You can use the Form 4852 to reconstruct your salary records. This form must be attached to the front of your file.

Next, while a lot of people recommend hiring a professional to help you, it is possible to do it yourself. You need to use a well-reviewed and reliable tax software program, and ones that are specifically categorized as “prior year software.” You will also need to spend a bit of time on this, possibly a minimum of two to three hours for every tax return you need to file, depending on how complicated it is. Check more information at http://www.experttaxassist.com.

filing taxes late

That is precisely the reason why hiring a tax professional is recommended. Apart from being able to deal with the IRS in an unbiased and impersonal fashion, they have the experience of preparing back taxes. Their help is even more crucial when you have missing information or need to negotiate with the IRS for whatever reasons. However, the professional can only do so much. It’s up to you to find any missing information he may need.

Then, prepare the all-important tax returns. This is the only way you can find out how much you actually owe the State and Federal governments, or if the IRS actually owes you money instead. This can be prepared by the tax professional, or with purchased tax software, or with the free software provided by the IRS itself online.

It is recommended that you hand-deliver your returns to the IRS when you are filing taxes late. Back taxes can never be paid online! Give each return its own envelope, too, to avoid any mishaps and mix-ups.

You may actually be eligible for refunds, but you know there are time limits governing them. You may be throwing away your hard-earned money if you’re not up to date with this! You can use the refunds to pay off part of other taxes that you owe.

Now, the most important part: how do you pay off your back taxes? Again, this is what you pay the professionals for, unless you just decide to write a check or have the whole amount deducted from your bank account. If the IRS has decided to take action against you, you need the intervention of your friendly tax professional. And most important: be patient and keep your cool!

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